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Monte Sra da Graça – Mondim de Bastos

It rises, at an altitude of about a thousand meters, bearing at the top the venerated hermitage of “Nossa Senhora da Graça”.

A magical and captivating place full of history and archaeological remains, legends and traditions.

A privileged place for nature lovers and emblematic sports reference, it is an obligatory destination of the paths of faith, religion and national and international tourism.

Casa do Penedo – Fafe

Casa do Penedo is located between Celorico de Basto and Fafe, more precisely in the parish of Moreira do Rei, Fafe municipality, in the Northern Region of Portugal, its name being due to the fact that it was built between four large rocks integrate the very structure of the house.

Casa do Penedo integrates completely into its surrounding countryside. Its construction is entirely made of rock, with the exception of doors, windows and roof.

The interior also has a rustic style, where the furniture, stairs and handrails are made of logs. The sofa, designed in the rustic style, is made of concrete and eucalyptus wood and weighs 350 kg, making this a home to visit and has aroused the curiosity of many tourists throughout the world, due to its originality and beauty.

São Bento da Porta Aberta – Terras de Bouro

The San Bento Sanctuary of Porta Aberta is a Portuguese Catholic shrine, located in the parish of Rio Caldo, in Terras de Bouro. It had its origin in 1615, with the construction of a small hermitage. The current sanctuary dates from the late 19th century. Its reconstruction began in 1880 and was completed in 1895. The designation of St Benedict of the Open Door is due to the fact that the hermitage always has its doors open, serving as shelter for travelers.

It receives 2.5 million pilgrims annually, being the second largest Portuguese sanctuary, after Fatima, even though it does not present a favorable geographical situation, nor is it benefited by relevant communication routes.

Barragem da Queimadela – Fafe

The 11 hectare reservoir has an important valence in the leisure area, offering a river beach, snack-bars and conditions for non-polluting water sports.

As a resource for enhancement of the tourist offer, the dam offers pedestrian routes of small route and a Zone of Concession of Sport Fishing.

Castelo de Guimarães – Guimarães

In the 10th century, after being widowed by Count Hermenegildo (or Mendo) Gonçalves, the Countess Mumadona Dias assumed the government of the Portucalense County and took two measures of great importance in the lower part of Guimarães, the Monastery of Santa Maria (around year of 950) and, in the upper part, a castle, the denominated Castle of S. Mamede (between the years 950 and 957). The construction of this castle was necessary to defend the newly constructed Monastery and the populations that, fixing next to these two constructions. The construction of this Castle was also a way of asserting its power before the other feudal lords. A diploma that marks the delivery of the Castle of S. Mamede to the Monastery of Guimarães on December 4, 968, is the first known reference to this fortification.

Mosteiro de Refojos – Cabeceiras de Basto

The Monastery of São Miguel de Refojos de Basto, also referred to as Convento de Refóios, is located in the parish of Refojos de Basto, Cabeceiras de Basto municipality, Braga district, Portugal. It is classified as “The Jewel of the Portuguese Baroque in Terras de Basto”.

Santuário da Penha – Guimarães

The Penha Sanctuary is located on Mount Penha in Guimarães. Its full name is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Carmo da Penha, and also very often Sanctuary of Our Lady of Penha.

Festa das Camélias – Celorico de Basto

Celorico de Basto officially Capital of the Camellias has been developing a series of promotional actions to take the Camellias International Festival around the country and around the world.

Pena Aventura – Ribeira de Pena

PENA AVENTURA PARK is the new leisure and adventure sports park located in Ribeira de Pena, district of Vila Real, destined to all kinds of people who like to practice activities in contact with nature.

Rally de Portugal – Fafe e Celorico de Basto

Rally de Portugal is the biggest motor sport event in Portugal annually. The first edition was disputed in 1967 and since then it has counted on several international championships, such as the European Championship, Intercontinental Rally Challenge, and the World Rally Championship in which it is still integrated. The organization of the race is in charge of the Automobile Club of Portugal.

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